Symptoms of lack of testosterone

Common Causes of Fatigue Metabolic/
Endocrine anemia ; hypothyroidism ; diabetes ; electrolyte abnormalities; kidney disease ; liver disease ; Cushing's disease Infectious infectious mononucleosis ; hepatitis ; tuberculosis ; cytomegalovirus ; HIV infection; influenza ( flu ); malaria and many other infectious diseases Cardiac (heart) and Pulmonary ( lungs ) congestive heart failure ; coronary artery disease ; valvular heart disease ; COPD ; asthma ; arrythmias; pneumonia Medications antidepressants ; anti- anxiety medications; sedative medications; medication and drug withdrawal; antihistamines ; steroids; some blood pressure medications; some antidepressants Psychiatric ( Mental Health ) depression ; anxiety ; drug abuse ; alcohol abuse ; Eating disorders (for example; bulimia ; anorexia ); grief and bereavement Sleep Problems sleep apnea ; reflux esophagitis ; insomnia ; narcolepsy ; shift work or work shift changes; pregnancy ; Extra night hours at "work" Vitamin Deficiencies vitamin B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency , folic acid deficiency, iron deficiency Other cancer ; rheumatology illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus ; fibromyalgia ; chronic fatigue syndrome; normal muscle exertion; obesity ; chemotherapy and radiation therapy

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Symptoms of lack of testosterone

symptoms of lack of testosterone


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